hazel-harvey-memorial-bookmarkOne year ago today Hazel Roughton Harvey passed away. In memory of her, I am posting a copy of the program from her memorial service.

If you knew Hazel, I’m sure you will be moved by this program. If you did not know her, then you will learn about her by reading the linked PDF’s of her memorial service program, below.

Link to Hazel Harvey Memorial Service Program (outside)

Link to Hazel Harvey Memorial Service Program (inside)

The bookmark to the left is also available as a PDF file and can be downloaded by clicking here or by clicking on the bookmark image to the right.

Please feel free to borrow ideas or texts if you are in need of putting together a memorial service for one of your loved ones. Hazel’s family welcomes comments if you wish to share your memory of Hazel or if you visit this site in search for memorial programs and benefited by what you found here.

The Harvey family thanks Barbara Holzworth, Hazel’s niece, for designing and creating her memorial service program. It is truly a work of love and greatly appreciated by Grace, David, and Esther.

Thank you.


A memorial service for Hazel Roughton Harvey will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2008, at 2:00 P.M., at St. Luke United Methodist Church on Alumni Drive, Lexington, KY. For location information, see this map.

This summer, 2008 (exact date to be determined) Hazel’s ashes will be buried at the foot of the cross of The Living Word Outdoor Drama amphitheater in Cambridge, Ohio, which is also the burial site for her husband, Frank Roughton Harvey.


Hazel Harvey (July 28, 1932 - January 11, 2008)

Frank’s wife, Hazel Harvey was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 cancer in the fall of 2007 and not given much time to live. On Friday, January 11, 2008 she passed away while on vacation with her two daughters, Grace and Esther.

At this time the plans for a memorial service are still being formed. Grace and Esther will not return home until Friday or Saturday. It is expected that Hazel’s memorial service will take place at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Lexington, KY, but a date has not been set. Details will be posted here once they are. And, at Hazel’s request, this summer, Aug. 2008, we will have her ashes buried at the Living Word Outdoor Drama amphitheater next to the remains of her husband, Frank Roughton Harvey.

Hazel, you are loved dearly and will be sorely missed. Give a big hug to Frank when you see him. We miss him, too!

On Friday, March 24th (2006) Hazel and her granddaughter, Jessica, will be driving up to Cambridge, OH to attend the annual Living Word fundraising banquet.

The banquet will be held at the Cambridge Civic Center. As many as 300 people are expected to attend. If you are interested in attending, you may contact the Living Word.

Frank Harvey PhotoIncluded in this post is a copy of the memorial service program.

The program was created in four pieces, the outside cover, the inside cover, the front of the insert and the back of the insert. The PDF files are attached to the text below.

When you click on the links, it will download the PDF file to your computer so you can open it and view it or even print it, if you wish. You will need a program that can open PDF files, such as Acrobat Reader (available for free here).

Part One: Frank Harvey Memorial Program Outside Cover

Part Two: Frank Harvey Memorial Program Inside Cover

Part Three: Frank Harvey Memorial Program Insert Front

Part Four: Frank Harvey Memorial Program Insert Back

The family wishes to thank Barbara Holzworth, Frank’s niece, for designing and creating the memorial service program on such short notice. It is truly a work of love.

On Saturday, January 7, 2006, many friends and family of Frank Roughton Harvey gathered at the Sandersville United Methodist Church to celebrate his life and to mourn his departure from this world. We realize that those in attendance were simply a representation of the thousands of people around the world whose lives were changed because of Frank's drama ministry and wanted to be there but could not make the trip.

We thank you for the many words of encouragement that you have poured on us ever since Frank was given the prognosis of just a few months to live. We are grateful for those last precious moments with him.

With deep appreciation and gratitude,

The Frank Roughton Harvey Family

By Anne Dukes
Wesleyan Christian Advocate

Despite a medical prognosis that his doctor said leaves him with only two or three months to live, the Rev. Frank Harvey continued to perform his dynamic dramatic portrayals of biblical characters during the month of November.

He drinks carrot juice to please his wife Hazel and has gathered his children and friends around for comfort and care, but, in his own words, “I’m happy, but I’ll be happier next year.”

Harvey wants his many friends in Georgia and elsewhere to know of his terminal cancer and his (and his doctor’s) decision not to proceed with any further treatments, including chemotherapy. He also wants everyone to know that he trusts in the Lord’s grace and is “not really reluctant” about passing from this world. (That’s not the case with his wife, who is reluctant to lose him and has him trying some homeopathic treatment that he says, “doesn’t taste too good, but I go along with it so she won’t think I’m not trying hard enough.”)

Harvey is an ordained pastor in the South Georgia Conference on voluntary location in Kentucky, where he and his wife moved in order to be closer to their children. Through the years, he has kept up a demanding travel schedule, hitting the road to bring to life biblical characters such as King David, Joseph of Nazareth and the Roman Centurion, which he performed Nov. 6 at Atlanta First UMC. He was also scheduled to perform Nov. 30 in his hometown of Lexington.

Harvey has been diagnosed with Meyelodysplacia. Because of his age, 75, and other “indicators,” a bone marrow transplant, which is the only cure for the disease, has been ruled out. “All the treatments would more likely kill me,” he said, adding he “cannot imagine myself spending what life I have left devastated by a chemotherapy that has a high statistical chance of killing me.” Harvey even told his doctor, “sooner or later people must realize that it is okay to die.”

Harvey expressed his feelings about dying this way: “If death was a horrible consequence, then everyone Jesus healed would still be alive. But the fact is that everyone Jesus healed died. That must mean that death is the greatest thing that happens to a believer.”

Harvey also said that when he arrives at the pearly gates, he will trust in God’s grace because, he said, “I am quite sure that my reservation in heaven is not based on something wonderful I’ve done for God, but rather it is because of something wonderful God has done for me.”

This advance notice of the disease’s course has allowed Harvey to prepare his family and friends (of which he has many in Georgia) for the end and to be able to communicate with them. “If I do get into a period where I’m suffering and can’t communicate, well then I’ve already talked with everyone and I (and they) can let go without worrying about trying to get in any last words,” he said.

“So I am preparing for death but expecting to live and carry on my ministry until Jesus comes to get me — and that will be my ultimate blessing,” said Harvey.


This article appeared in the December 2, 2005 edition of the Wesleyan Christian Advocate published in Georgia. It has been reprinted here with special permission.